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Helping Geo Bharat

We are an open community , which means we are always open for implementing new ideas.

Geo Bharat is community lead group, thus we're always looking for volunteers as well.

Volunteering for Geo Bharat

Available roles

  • Social Media manager - Social media such as linkedIn, twitter, Facebook are essential parts of life now a days, we want someone who will make sure that our announcements , events, etc. cross platforms.
  • Event planners/host - We want to make Geo Bharat self sustainable, the key part of this goal is to allow more people to host events independently. So If you love to talk to people and host our monthly webinars, workshops, etc. We want you!
  • Regional Heads - We seriously believe that physical meetups are much more effective that virtual. Thus we are looking for people who'd like to make this happen on region level. This role means that you'll be talking with companies, institutions, etc. in your region and organize events as per requirements.
  • Chair members - Being an open community, we still need few awesome key people who'd love to be on chair making sure that we are heading in right direction.

What we need from you

Since these roles are volunteer, there are no fix deadlines or tasks. This is all based on how much time you got and want to invest. General rule of thumb is 2 hours/week.

How do you apply ?

Drop an email at :